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Good News! We’re Now An Accredited CPD Provider

Good News! We’re Now An Accredited CPD Provider

We are pleased to announce that we have joined as a CPD Accredited Provider with The CPD Group. It allows us to accredit our individual learning activities/events such as online courses, seminars, events, conferences, webinars etc.

 Here’s a message from our COO, about the exciting news:

We are continuously working hard to provide the highest quality content to our students. By becoming an accredited CPD provider, we will be able to demonstrate that our students' training meets the CPD standards. We will be able to bolster our reputation as a proficient learning provider among students, employers, and employees.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. This refers to the type of learning that professionals pursue in order to develop their skills. It may be that the employee must enhance existing skills, develop them to a new level, or learn new ones that enable the employee’s job role to expand, or prepare them for future advancement.

Most professions require continuing professional development. These initiatives are now prioritised by the majority of companies and organisations because they ensure a continuously developing workforce. Throughout the UK, CPD training is required for millions of professionals every year.

Formal CPD activities include instructor-led seminars, workshops, and training courses, as well as more informal approaches such as work-based learning and mentoring. Continuing professional development can also involve self-directed learning, such as e-learning courses and structured reading.

Who are The CPD Group?

The CPD Group is comprised of academics, industry bodies, awarding organisations, employers, and individual learners. CPD Group’s main goal is to conduct reviews of CPD activities, processes, and criteria, ensuring that all accredited activities are robust and of high quality. Content quality, delivery method, assessment system -all of these perspectives are considered in their analysis. Additionally, they provide you with feedback detailing their findings and highlighting areas for improvement. A unique process was developed by the CPD Group to ensure you are providing high-quality content that meets CPD standards. It is called the A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. Framework by the CPD Group.


The A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Framework

A team of experts makes up the CPD Group’s Accreditation and Compliance Team. From start to finish, they map out the student’s journey through the course material. When they are satisfied that the CPD activity has met all of the A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. criteria, they will accredit it. Here’s a breakdown of the Framework.


Accessibility: By making sure that the activity is accessible to all learners, it ensures its success. As a result, the course is accessible to all, including those with visual impairments or hearing impairments.


Content: To fulfil this requirement, the content of the course needs to be factually accurate, relevant, and up to date.


Creativity: Having a good learning experience is highly dependent on the course delivery method, the learning experience, and the course engagement. The CPD Group thus makes sure all that is maintained in the course.


Relevant: In order to meet the learners’ expectations, the training materials must reflect the content delivered.


Engaging: The importance of engaging courses cannot be overstated. Students must be able to participate in them actively.


DetailsYour Activity will be thoroughly reviewed by the Accreditation and Compliance Team to make sure it is accurate, easily understandable and follows professional writing standards.


Intellectual Property: During the accreditation and compliance process, the Accreditation and Compliance Team checks the content for evident instances of plagiarism, as well as truthfulness and legitimacy.


Tested: Students’ knowledge and progress need to be validated through assessment in order to prove that they are competent.


Expertise: To verify that the activity is delivered effectively, the Accreditation and Compliance Team checks that the author of the activity has the relevant knowledge and experience.


Dated: The information must not be outdated or irrelevant to today’s practices when it is taught to learners. To establish when your materials were originally developed and reviewed, the Accreditation and Compliance Team will review the dates on your materials.


What Does it Mean for Learndrive’s Students?

Our training programs, facilities, and support are all aimed at benefiting our students and growing our reputation as a distance learning provider for jobs and employers. We strive to offer a diverse range of online training programmes that are written to benefit learning and delivered by experienced instructors. Our robust learning environment, dedicated support, and interactive assessment will enhance your learning and broaden your perspective.

As an accredited CPD provider, we will be able to accredit more CPD courses. We are working hard to build partnerships with leading bodies and ensure our training is up-to-date, comprehensive and well-recognised so that our students can increase their employability by completing these courses.

16 April 2022

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