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Frequently Asked Questions


Learndrive is a UK-based elearning platform that is currently hosting 180+ instructor-led courses that are providing education to millions around the world. At present we are serving 35k students globally. 

So by hosting your course at learndrive, you are going to get immediate exposure to a wide learner base which is really willing to pay for premium content. More importantly, we do not charge you anything to host your courses with us.

If you are hosting just free courses then you will get great exposure and if you are hosting paid premium courses then definitely you are going to make a great amount of money with us.


You can contact us at support@learndrive.org and our team will be happy to help you for any issue you are facing with the platform. Also, you don’t have to design the course on our platform. Just give us the drive or dropbox link and we will upload your course on our site, free of cost. 


Certainly! You have the complete freedom to promote and market your courses as much as you can. Unlike other marketplaces, our revenue sharing remains consistent regardless of who makes the sale – you or us.

At our platform, we understand the value of promoting your courses effectively. Therefore, we don’t deduct any marketing charges from your sales, ensuring that you receive a fair and fixed share of the revenue.

We firmly believe in fostering a win-win business relationship where both parties, that is, you as the instructor and we as the platform, work together with equal dedication to drive course sales and achieve success.

Feel free to focus on marketing your courses with confidence, knowing that your revenue share will remain constant and your efforts will be fully rewarded.


Your earnings on our platform are influenced by the demand for your course. If you have a high-quality course that fulfils a significant demand, you have the potential to achieve a considerable number of sales per month.

We believe in fair compensation for our instructors, and as part of our commitment to their success, we offer an attractive revenue share. For each course sale, we deduct 35% of the operational costs (i.e., publishing cost, marketing, SEO, server hosting), rest of the revenue is equally shared between the instructor and learndrive. For example, if a course brings 100 GBP of revenue, 35 GBP will be deducted at first for operational cost. Rest of the 65 GBP will be equally shared between learndrive and the esteemed instructor; so the instructor will get 32.5 GBP.  

So, with a sought-after course and our competitive revenue sharing model, you have the opportunity to maximize your earnings and make the most of your teaching expertise on our platform.


We can transfer your revenue through bank transfer or PayPal. We will disburse your share of revenue quarterly.


Absolutely! You have the freedom to remove your course from our platform whenever you wish to do so. Once you decide to remove your course, it will no longer be available for future sales.

However, please note that learners who have already purchased your course will continue to have access to it, as per our lifetime access policy. Rest assured that their learning experience will remain unaffected, even after the course is taken down from the active marketplace.

We respect your ownership of your content, and should you ever decide to remove your course, we will fully support your decision while ensuring a seamless experience for your existing students.


At Learndrive, we take the security of your course material very seriously. We have implemented multiple measures to ensure the utmost protection of your content.

Firstly, all course content is hosted on Amazon S3, which is widely recognised as one of the most secure storage platforms in the industry. This ensures that your content is stored in a robust and reliable environment.

Secondly, to control access to the courses, we have implemented a secure login system. Learners can access the course material only after proper authentication. This helps in preventing unauthorised access to the content.

To further enhance security, we utilise signed cookies to deliver the course content. This means that only authenticated users with valid access credentials can view the course material.

As an additional layer of security, we do not provide any direct download links for the course content. This measure ensures that the material remains within the secure environment of our platform and cannot be easily copied or distributed.

Rest assured that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security to safeguard your valuable course material on our platform.


Absolutely! We have no objections if you choose to host your courses on other platforms in addition to Learndrive.

As an instructor, you retain full ownership and control of your course content. This means you are free to explore other opportunities and share your knowledge on different platforms if you wish to do so.

At Learndrive, we believe in supporting our instructors’ growth and success. So, whether you decide to host your courses on multiple platforms or exclusively on Learndrive, we fully support your choices and are here to help you reach a wider audience with your valuable expertise.


Please follow the link to dive into all the details of the Terms of Agreement: https://learndrive.org/instructor-agreement/

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