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This instructor-led video course focuses on the major injuries and illnesses that are likely to occur when participating in sports. 

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Enrol in our Complete Sports First Aid Training Online Course and gain the vital skills needed to ensure safety and provide effective first aid in sports environments. Sign up now and be prepared to handle sports-related emergencies with expertise and confidence!


Introduction to Sports First Aid: Begin with an overview of sports first aid, its importance, and the basic principles of providing first aid in a sports context.


The Role of the First Aider: Understand the responsibilities and duties of a first aider in sports, focusing on the unique aspects of sports-related injuries and emergencies.


Assessing An Accident and Providing First Aid: Learn how to assess an accident scene, prioritize injuries, and provide appropriate first aid care in sports settings.


Planning for an Emergency: Gain insights into preparing for potential emergencies during sports activities, including creating emergency action plans and maintaining safety.


First Aid Kit: Understand the essentials of a sports first aid kit, including the specific supplies and equipment needed for sports injuries.


The Unconscious Casualty-Breathing: Learn how to manage situations where an individual is unconscious but breathing, focusing on maintaining the airway and monitoring vital signs.


The Unconscious Casualty- Not Breathing: Understand the steps to take when dealing with an unconscious casualty who is not breathing, including performing CPR and using an AED.


Drowning: Gain knowledge on how to respond to drowning incidents, particularly in sports activities involving water.


Heart Attacks and Seizures: Learn to recognize and provide first aid for heart attacks and seizures, which can occur during strenuous sports activities.


Choking: Master the techniques to assist someone who is choking, a common emergency in sports environments.


Bleeding: Understand how to control bleeding and manage wounds in sports-related injuries.


Asthma: Learn about asthma management in a sports setting, including recognizing asthma attacks and providing appropriate first aid.


Soft Tissue Injuries, Fractures, Head Injuries and Spinal Injuries: Dive into the management of common sports injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, head injuries, and spinal injuries.


Conclusion: Conclude your training with a summary of key learnings, reinforcing your ability to act confidently and competently as a sports first aider.

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