Sage 50 cloud Accounts v.29


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Become a proficient user of Xero software. Sign up now to enhance your financial management skills and leverage the full potential of Xero for your business or career in finance!


Beginner Level


Getting Started: Introduction to Xero, its interface, and basic functionalities. Learn how to navigate the software and understand its primary features.


Setting up of the System: Learn the initial setup process, including company details, financial settings, and user roles.


Customers and Suppliers: Understand how to manage customer and supplier information, including invoicing and bill management.


Fixed Assets: Introduction to managing fixed assets in Xero, including asset registration and tracking.


Bank Payments and Receipts: Learn how to handle bank payments and receipts, essential for maintaining accurate financial records.


Petty Cash: Understand the management of petty cash transactions in Xero.


Intermediate Level


Bank Reconciliation: Master the process of bank reconciliation in Xero to ensure accuracy in financial reporting.


Business Credit Card Account: Learn to manage business credit card transactions and reconcile them effectively.


Aged Reports: Understand how to generate and interpret aged reports for effective debtor and creditor management.


Payroll and Journals: Introduction to managing payroll and recording journals in Xero.


VAT Return: Learn how to prepare and submit VAT returns using Xero.


Advance Level


CIS Return: Understand how to manage and submit CIS returns within Xero.


Accrual and Prepayment: Master the process of recording accruals and prepayments.


Accrued Income and Deferred Income: Learn to manage and record accrued and deferred income.


Depreciation Journal: Understand how to record depreciation in Xero through journal entries.


Management Reports: Gain skills in generating and interpreting various management reports.


Preparation of Budget: Learn how to prepare and manage budgets within Xero.


Preparing Cash Flow: Master cash flow forecasting and management in Xero.


Payment Services on Xero: Understand how to integrate and manage payment services.


Bank Rules: Learn to create and manage bank rules for efficient transaction categorization.


Multicurrency on Xero: Understand the handling of multicurrency transactions and accounts.


App Marketplace: Explore the Xero App Marketplace and learn how to integrate additional tools and services.


Introduction of Resources Available During COVID-19: Discover resources and tools provided by Xero to assist businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Correction of Error: Learn how to identify and correct errors in financial records within Xero.

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