Online TEFL Classes by ESL Trainer




Enrol in our Online TEFL Classes and take the first step towards a rewarding career in ESL teaching. Sign up now to benefit from the expertise of an experienced ESL trainer and transform your teaching approach with innovative methods and strategies!


Course 1: TEFL Essential Guide: Dive into the fundamentals of TEFL with this essential guide. This course covers the core principles of teaching English as a foreign language, including language teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management, and understanding the needs of ESL learners. Gain a solid foundation to start your TEFL journey with confidence.


Course 2: Teaching ESL Complete Guide: Expand your TEFL knowledge with a comprehensive exploration of ESL teaching. This course provides in-depth insights into advanced teaching techniques, curriculum development, assessment strategies, and cultural considerations in ESL education. Learn how to create an effective and inclusive learning environment for students of various backgrounds and proficiency levels.


Course 3: Teaching ESL using Games and Activities: Enhance your teaching repertoire with engaging games and activities. This course focuses on the practical aspect of ESL teaching, demonstrating how to use interactive games and activities to make learning English enjoyable and effective. Discover creative ways to reinforce language skills, encourage student participation, and foster a dynamic classroom atmosphere.