Microsoft Excel Crash Course 2024



Enrol in our Microsoft Excel 2024 Crash Course online and take your Excel skills to the next level. Sign up now to benefit from the extensive features of Excel 2024 and become an Excel wizard!


Introduction: Start your Excel learning journey with an introduction to the course, covering what you will learn and how to navigate through the course effectively.


Top 10 Excel Tips to Save You Time: Discover the top 10 Excel tips and tricks that can significantly save you time. Learn shortcuts, quick functions, and features that enhance productivity.


Excel Essential Functions: Dive into the essential functions of Excel. Understand how to use basic and advanced functions for data analysis, calculations, and data management.


XLookup only for Excel 2021 and Office 365: Master the XLookup function, exclusive to Excel 2021 and Office 365. Learn how to use this powerful tool for searching and retrieving data efficiently.


Get Data and Tools: Explore Excel’s data import and tool features. Learn how to get data from different sources and utilize Excel tools for data manipulation and analysis.


Pivot Tables: Gain expertise in creating and managing Pivot Tables. Understand how to summarize large data sets, analyze patterns, and make data-driven decisions.


Excel Charts: Learn to create impactful Excel charts. Understand how to represent data visually using various types of charts, enhancing the interpretability and presentation of your data.

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