Mastering Microsoft Office 2021


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Become proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office 365. Sign up now for an all-encompassing learning experience that will enhance your productivity and skillset in Microsoft Office applications!


Excel 2021:


Getting Started: Introduction to Excel 2021, exploring its interface and basic features.

Basics: Fundamental concepts including navigating the workbook, basic operations, and data entry.

Row, Columns, and Cells: Managing rows, columns, and cells – resizing, inserting, and deleting.

Data Handling: Techniques for handling different types of data effectively in Excel.

Page Setting Up and Print: Configuring page settings and mastering the print options in Excel.

Sorting and Filtering: Using sorting and filtering tools to manage and analyze data sets.

Writing Formulas: Introduction to basic formulas and how to write them.

Advanced Formulas: Exploring more complex formulas and functions in Excel.

XLOOKUP Only for 2021 and Office 365: Learning the XLOOKUP function, specific to Excel 2021 and Office 365.

Data and Tools: Utilizing Excel’s data tools for enhanced data management and analysis.

Formatting Data and Tables: Techniques for formatting data and creating structured tables.

Pivot Tables: Creating and manipulating Pivot Tables for data analysis.

Charts: Designing various types of charts for data visualization.


PowerPoint 2021:


Introduction: An overview of PowerPoint 2021 and its capabilities.

Basics: Fundamental aspects of creating and setting up presentations.

Text and Bullet Options: Formatting text and customizing bullet points.

Adding Graphic Assets: Incorporating graphic elements into presentations.

Picture Formatting: Techniques for formatting and editing pictures.

SmartArt Graphics: Utilizing SmartArt to enhance presentations.

Working with Tables: Inserting and formatting tables in PowerPoint.

Working with Charts: Creating and customizing charts.

Adding Multimedia: Integrating multimedia elements like audio and video.

Working with Transition: Applying transition effects between slides.

Animation: Adding animations to elements in slides.

Slideshow Effects: Enhancing presentations with slideshow effects.


Word 2021:


Introduction: An overview of Word 2021 and its primary functions.

Basics: Fundamental concepts including navigation, text entry, and basic formatting.

Word Formatting: Advanced text and paragraph formatting options.

Tables: Creating and formatting tables in Word.

Styles: Using and customizing styles for efficient document formatting.

Page Layout: Configuring page layout options like margins, orientation, and size.

Envelopes and Labels: Creating and printing envelopes and labels.

Mail Merges: Performing mail merges for letters, labels, and emails.

Review and Printing: Finalizing documents with review features and printing options.

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