Mastering APIs: Building and Integrating with Web Services


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Enrol in our API Integration Online Course and gain the essential skills to effectively integrate APIs into web development projects. Sign up now to take advantage of this comprehensive learning opportunity and boost your expertise in API integration!


CSS (Basic to Expert):


CSS Basic: Learn the fundamentals of CSS, including syntax, selectors, and basic styling.

CSS Intermediate: Dive into more complex CSS topics such as layouts, responsive design, and advanced selectors.

CSS Advanced: Explore advanced CSS techniques, including animations, transitions, and complex layout methods.

CSS Expert: Master expert-level CSS skills, focusing on optimization, cross-browser compatibility, and CSS preprocessors.

Restful API:


Restful API Introduction: Understand the basics of RESTful APIs, their principles, and how they work.

Restful API Basic: Learn the foundational skills in working with RESTful APIs, including setting up and making basic requests.

Project 1: Restful API Authentication: Hands-on project to implement authentication in a RESTful API.

Project 2: Restful API – MySQL: Learn to integrate a RESTful API with a MySQL database.

Restful API – Web API Services: Understand how to create and consume various web API services using RESTful principles.




MySQL Introduction: Get introduced to MySQL, a popular database management system.

MySQL Basic: Learn basic MySQL operations like creating databases and tables, and performing simple queries.

MySQL Filtering Data: Understand how to filter and sort data in MySQL.

MySQL Functions: Explore the various functions available in MySQL for data manipulation.

MySQL Joins: Learn how to use joins in MySQL to combine data from multiple tables.

MySQL Advanced Commands: Master advanced MySQL commands and operations.

MySQL Structure Creation: Learn about creating and managing the structure of databases and tables in MySQL.

MySQL Data Queries: Gain proficiency in writing queries to retrieve data from MySQL databases.

MySQL Structure Queries: Understand how to query the database structure in MySQL.

MySQL Constraints: Learn about applying constraints in MySQL for data integrity.

MySQL Backup and Restore: Master the techniques for backing up and restoring MySQL databases.

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