Javascript, Java Programming & Python Programming Online Classes




Enrol in our Javascript, Java, and Python Programming Online Classes and take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your coding skills in some of the most in-demand programming languages. Sign up now and start your journey toward becoming a proficient programmer!


Course 1: Javascript with Data Visualisation: Immerse yourself in the world of Javascript, focusing on data visualization. This course covers Javascript fundamentals and guides you through creating dynamic, interactive data visualizations using various Javascript libraries. Ideal for those looking to enhance web development skills and data presentation.


Course 2: Java Programming Level 2: Advance your Java skills with this intermediate-level course. Building upon basic Java knowledge, this course delves into more complex programming concepts, including object-oriented programming, data structures, and GUI development. It’s perfect for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of Java and develop more sophisticated applications.


Course 3: Python Programming Level 2: Elevate your Python programming proficiency with this Level 2 course. Designed for those who have a foundational understanding of Python, this course explores advanced topics like data manipulation, web scraping, and working with databases. It’s suitable for learners aiming to use Python for data analysis, web development, or automation.


Course 4: Python Programming for Kids and Beginners: This course offers a fun and engaging introduction to Python programming for kids and beginners. It simplifies complex concepts, making it easy to learn Python basics, including syntax, loops, and functions. The course is ideal for young learners or adults starting their journey in programming.