Google Workspace: Features and Applications


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Enrol in our Google Workspace Application Tutorial and become adept at using the full range of Google Workspace tools. Sign up now to enhance your digital productivity and collaboration skills!


Course Introduction: Start with an introduction to the course, outlining the objectives, and what you will learn about Google Workspace.


What is Google Workspace: Understand what Google Workspace is, its components, and its relevance in today’s digital landscape.


General Overview 1-5: Dive into the first five Google Workspace applications, exploring their basic functionalities.


General Overview 5-10: Continue with an overview of the next set of applications, understanding their primary features.


General Overview 10-15: Explore further applications within Google Workspace, delving into their uses and benefits.


General Overview 15-20: Conclude the general overview with the last set of applications, rounding out the foundational understanding of Google Workspace.


How to use Gmail: Master Gmail for effective email communication, organization, and management.


How to use Google Drive: Learn to store, organize, and share files effectively with Google Drive.


How to use Google Drive for Desktop: Understand how to synchronize and access your files from your desktop.


How to use Google Docs: Gain proficiency in creating, editing, and collaborating on documents with Google Docs.


How to use Google Sheets: Learn the essentials of data management and analysis with Google Sheets.


How to use Google Slides: Master creating impactful presentations with Google Slides.


How to use Google Meet: Understand how to conduct and participate in virtual meetings using Google Meet.


How to use Google Forms: Create, manage, and analyze surveys and forms with Google Forms.


How to use Google Keep: Learn to organize notes, lists, and reminders with Google Keep.


How to use Google Translate: Utilize Google Translate for language translation and comprehension.


How to use Google Calendar: Master scheduling, event planning, and time management with Google Calendar.


How to use Google Jamboard: Explore collaborative brainstorming and visual project planning with Google Jamboard.


How to use Google Photos: Learn to store, organize, and share photos with Google Photos.


How to use Google Tasks: Manage tasks and to-do lists effectively with Google Tasks.


How to use Google Classroom: Understand how to create and manage classes, assignments, and communications with Google Classroom.


How to use Google Earth: Explore the world and gather geographic information with Google Earth.


How to use Google Chat: Learn to communicate and collaborate efficiently with Google Chat.


How to use Google Sites: Create and manage websites easily with Google Sites.


How to use Google Drawings: Discover how to create diagrams and simple graphics with Google Drawings.


Conclusion + Project: Conclude the course with a final project to apply your learning, and a wrap-up of key takeaways and insights.

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