Completely Online Mental Health Diploma with Neurophysiology & Dual Diagnosis



Enrol in our Completely Online Mental Health Diploma with Neurophysiology & Dual Diagnosis, along with Mental Health First Aid, to gain a holistic and practical understanding of mental health care. Sign up now to enhance your skills in supporting mental wellness and managing complex mental health conditions.


Course 1: Mental Health Diploma with Neurophysiology & Dual Diagnosis: This extensive course offers a deep dive into mental health, focusing on the neurophysiological aspects and the concept of dual diagnosis — where an individual experiences a mental illness along with a substance use disorder. 


Gain insights into the latest research and treatment approaches, understand the biological basis of mental disorders, and learn comprehensive strategies for managing dual diagnosis cases effectively.


Course 2: Mental Health First Aid: Learn essential first aid skills tailored to mental health. This course equips you with the knowledge and practical techniques to recognize the signs of mental illness, provide initial help, and guide a person towards appropriate professional help. It covers a range of mental health crises, including anxiety, depression, psychosis, and substance use disorders, and teaches effective strategies for crisis de-escalation and support.