Completely Online Artisan Pastry, Dessert and Sourdough Baking Course




Enrol in our Completely Online Artisan Pastry, Dessert and Sourdough Baking Course to unlock the secrets of artisan baking. Sign up now and start your journey towards becoming a skilled artisan baker, creating mouth-watering sourdough bread, exquisite pastries, and desserts!


Course 1: Artisan Sourdough Cooking Training: Start your culinary journey with a focus on sourdough cooking. This course introduces you to the world of sourdough starters, leavening, and fermentation. Learn how to create a variety of sourdough-based dishes, from traditional bread to innovative recipes, and understand the science and techniques behind successful sourdough cooking.


Course 2: Artisan Sourdough Baking Training: Dive deeper into the specifics of artisan sourdough baking. This training covers advanced techniques in sourdough bread making, including different types of flour, hydration levels, shaping, scoring, and baking. Enhance your skills in creating a variety of sourdough bread with unique flavours and textures.


Course 3: Artisan Pastry & Dessert Baking Training for Beginners: Explore the delightful world of pastries and desserts. This course is tailored for beginners and guides you through the basics of pastry making, including dough preparation, filling, baking, and decorating. Learn to craft a range of delicious pastries and desserts, from classic tarts and eclairs to contemporary sweet creations, perfecting the art of dessert presentation.