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Course 1: Electrical Engineering: Fundamentals of AC Circuit Analysis: Understand the basics of alternating current (AC) circuit analysis, including key concepts like impedance, reactance, and resonance in AC circuits.


Course 2: Electrical Engineering: Fundamentals of Electricity and DC Circuit Analysis: Dive into the fundamentals of electricity and direct current (DC) circuit analysis. Learn about Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s laws, circuit theorems, and the analysis of DC networks.


Course 3: Electrical Engineering: Symmetrical Components for Three-Phase Power Analysis: Explore the concept of symmetrical components in three-phase power systems, essential for analyzing unbalanced systems and faults.


Course 4: Electrical Engineering: Electric Power Metering for Single and Three-Phase Systems: Gain insights into electric power metering techniques for both single and three-phase systems, including meter types and their applications.


Course 5: Electrical Engineering: Short Circuit Analysis for HV Three-Phase Systems: Learn how to conduct short circuit analysis in high voltage (HV) three-phase systems, a critical skill for power system protection and reliability.


Course 6: Electrical Engineering: Per Unit Analysis for Single and Three Phase Systems: Understand per unit analysis for simplifying calculations in power systems involving single and three-phase systems.


Course 7: Electrical Engineering: Power Analysis in AC Circuits: Master power analysis in AC circuits, covering topics like power factor, real and reactive power, and power calculations in AC circuits.


Course 8: Electrical Engineering: Distribution Station & Feeder Protection: Explore the protection mechanisms for distribution stations and feeders, focusing on protective relays, circuit breakers, and fault analysis.


Course 9: Electrical Engineering with Trigonometry: Delve into the application of trigonometry in electrical engineering, crucial for understanding waveforms, phasors, and impedance calculations.


Course 10: Electrical Engineering: Electrical 3-Phase Power Transformers Fundamentals: Learn the fundamentals of three-phase power transformers, including construction, operation, and applications in power systems.


Course 11: Electrical Engineering: Protection and Control of High Voltage Power Circuits: Understand the protection and control strategies for high voltage power circuits, focusing on protective devices, isolation techniques, and control methodologies.


Course 12: Electrical Engineering: Rotating Machines: Explore the principles and applications of rotating electrical machines, including motors and generators, and their roles in power systems.