Getting Things Right:
The Ultimate Guide for Managers and Business Leaders in the UK

Learn valuable insights and practical strategies and maximise your impact as a business leader

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5 ways this book can help you become
a better manager at work

Master Managerial Skills

Learn the leadership and management skills including planning, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, delegation and time management.

Understand UK Employment Law

Develop a basic understanding of employment law and HR issues to thrive in your managerial role while creating a great place to work for your subordinates.

Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Make your work environment free from discrimination and harassment and practice equality, diversity, and inclusion so that you can manage multicultural teams effortlessly.

Solve Workplace Conflicts

Improve your ability to recognise, understand, and resolve conflicts between employees.

Prepare The Next Leader

Plan the growth and development of your team members and help them become the leaders of tomorrow.


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