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Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript

Embark on an immersive Web Development journey with our comprehensive Level 5 course, focusing on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. From setting up your environment to mastering advanced techniques and launching a live website, this course equips you with the skills to become a proficient web developer.


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Learning Outcome

Sneak Peek

Course Overview

“Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript” offers a deep dive into the world of web development, perfect for those aiming to achieve advanced proficiency. This course covers a wide spectrum, from foundational concepts to expert-level applications.

Kickstart your journey with “Getting Started,” which includes setting up a robust development environment. This foundational knowledge is critical for a streamlined development process.

Dive into “HTML Fundamentals” and progressively move through intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. Each module builds upon the last, solidifying your understanding and skill in creating structured web content. The “HTML Website Project” gives you a hands-on opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in a practical setting.

CSS modules follow a similar progression, beginning with fundamentals and advancing to expert techniques. Here, you’ll learn how to bring style and responsiveness to your web designs. The “CSS Website Project” challenges you to create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites.

The course then shifts focus to JavaScript. Starting with “JavaScript Getting Started,” you’ll explore the language’s fundamentals, understand strings, operators, and conditional statements, and learn how to create functions. Modules like “Data Visualization (Google Charts)” and “Error Handling” further expand your skill set, enabling you to add advanced functionalities to your web pages.

“Client-side Validations” is crucial for creating user-friendly forms, while “Publish Your Website for Live” is the culmination of your learning experience, guiding you through the process of deploying your website to the web.

Whether you aspire to be a professional web developer or want to build and manage your own websites, this course is designed to take you from novice to expert. Enroll now to start building websites that stand out in today’s digital landscape.

Course Description 

This course is an excellent learning opportunity for those who are passionate about the topic and who are interested in a successful career within the relevant industry. Professionals currently working in this field who wish to brush up on their knowledge and advance their careers may also enrol in this program.   

In the Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript Course, you will find a number of engaging, in-depth modules that will provide you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge that will enable you to succeed in your career. As proof of your completion, you will receive a free e-certificate from Learndrive.

Using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices, you can access the course modules at your own pace. Invest in your professional development today and learn skills that will lead to your dream job. Become a career leader by taking this course online.

What Do You Get With The Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript Course?

  • Premium Video Materials in bite-sized format for the most accessible learning experience
  • Free e-certificate after completing the course
  • Flexible study time and pace
  • Instructor-led Course

Course Design

Students can access the course using any internet-connected device through our online learning platform. You may study at your own pace since there are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules.


The learners who pass the course will receive a Learndrive Certificate as a badge of accomplishment. The e-certificate is free of charge. There is a small fee, however, if you want a hard copy of your certificate.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is right for you if you already work in this industry or want to make the transition. This Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript Course is designed to enhance your expertise and improve your CV. 


Students from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the online training. There are no requirements for participation. The only prerequisite for studying this Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript Course is an interest in learning and a good grasp of English, mathematics, and computer skills.

Course Instructor

Mr. Sudha Sekhar is a distinguished IT Specialist and Co-Founder of Harisystems. His expertise encompasses web development technologies such as Python, C# Asp.Net, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with profound knowledge in database systems including MS-SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. 

He is proficient in server administration across various operating systems like LINUX and Windows. At Harisystems, he has been instrumental in creating innovative, real-world based online courses targeting developers, engineers, and business professionals. 

His teaching philosophy focuses on simplifying complex concepts, providing high-quality course materials, and utilizing real-time examples to enhance learning. His dedication lies in guiding students and professionals towards making informed career decisions in the ever-evolving digital world.


This course is accredited by CPDQE. The demand for professionals to engage in Continuing Professional Development is escalating, irrespective of the industry, career stage, or job function. CPD serves as an impactful mechanism for skill enhancement, maintaining the relevance of academic credentials, and strategically advancing one’s career. 

This CPDQE Certified Course will ensure that you have obtained the required CPD trainings for your professional development.

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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:03:00
Course Curriculum – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:06:00
How to Get Course requirements – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:03:00
Getting Started on Windows, Linux or Mac – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:02:00
How to ask a Great Questions – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:02:00
FAQ’s – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:01:00
Setting up Development Environment
Introduction HTML 00:05:00
Choosing Code Editor – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:07:00
Installing Code Editor (Sublime Text) 00:04:00
Overview of a Webpage 00:05:00
Structure of a Full HTML Webpage 00:08:00
First Hello World! Webpage 00:09:00
Summary – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:03:00
HTML Fundamentals
Introduction – HTML Fundamentals 00:03:00
Heading tags 00:09:00
Paragraph – HTML Fundamentals 00:08:00
Formatting Text – HTML Fundamentals 00:13:00
List Items Unordered 00:06:00
List Items Ordered 00:04:00
Classes 00:10:00
IDs – HTML Fundamentals 00:07:00
Comments – HTML Fundamentals 00:05:00
Summary – HTML Fundamentals 00:04:00
HTML Intermediate
Introduction – HTML Intermediate 00:02:00
Images – HTML Intermediate 00:12:00
Forms – HTML Intermediate 00:06:00
Form Actions 00:05:00
Br tag 00:04:00
Marquee 00:06:00
Text area 00:06:00
Tables – HTML Intermediate 00:06:00
Links – HTML Intermediate 00:08:00
Navbar – Menu 00:04:00
HTML Entities 00:06:00
Div tag 00:06:00
Google Maps 00:08:00
Summary – HTML Intermediate 00:02:00
HTML Advanced
Introduction – HTML Advanced 00:02:00
HTML5 Audio 00:08:00
HTML5 Video 00:05:00
Progress Bar 00:05:00
Drag and Drop 00:19:00
Canvas 00:06:00
Iframes 00:06:00
Input Types 00:05:00
Input Attributes 00:07:00
YouTube Video Linking 00:04:00
Creating Responsive Page 00:07:00
Summary – HTML Advanced 00:02:00
HTML Expert
Introduction – HTML Expert 00:02:00
Registration Form 00:05:00
Login Form 00:04:00
About Us Form 00:03:00
Contact Us Form 00:10:00
Footer Form 00:03:00
Integrate All Together 00:07:00
Coding Exercise 00:02:00
Solution for Coding Exercise 00:03:00
Summary – HTML Expert 00:03:00
HTML Website Project
Introduction – HTML Website Project 00:03:00
Challenge – HTML 5 Clock Face with Numbers 00:05:00
Project overview – HTML Website Project 00:03:00
Conclusion on Project 00:02:00
Summary – HTML Website Project 00:02:00
CSS Fundamentals
Introduction – CSS Fundamentals 00:03:00
CSS Syntax 00:05:00
Creating a first page with CSS Style 00:13:00
Inline CSS 00:06:00
Internal CSS 00:06:00
External CSS 00:10:00
CSS Classes 00:10:00
CSS IDs 00:07:00
Colors – CSS Fundamentals 00:08:00
Backgrounds – CSS Fundamentals 00:04:00
Floating 00:09:00
Positioning 00:06:00
Margins 00:07:00
Padding 00:04:00
Borders 00:04:00
Summary – CSS Fundamentals 00:02:00
CSS Intermediate
Introduction – CSS Intermediate 00:03:00
Styling Text 00:07:00
Aligning Text 00:04:00
Font Family 00:08:00
Font Styles 00:04:00
Applying Google Fonts 00:08:00
Box Model 00:09:00
Icons 00:09:00
Tables – CSS Intermediate 00:16:00
Navigation-Menu 00:12:00
Dropdowns edit require 00:16:00
Summary – CSS Intermediate 00:02:00
CSS Advanced
Introduction – CSS Advanced 00:02:00
Advanced Selectors 00:05:00
Forms – CSS Advanced 00:17:00
Website Layout 00:21:00
Rounded Corners 00:08:00
Color Keywords 00:06:00
Animations 00:08:00
Pseudo Classes 00:03:00
Gradients 00:03:00
Shadows 00:04:00
Calculations 00:06:00
Creating Responsive Page 00:05:00
Summary – CSS Advanced 00:02:00
CSS Expert
Introduction – CSS Expert 00:02:00
Button Styles 00:06:00
Flexbox 00:14:00
CSS Grid 00:15:00
Pagination 00:07:00
Multiple Columns 00:06:00
Image Reflection 00:03:00
UI – UX Design 00:10:00
Social Media Icons 00:08:00
External CSS Style adding 00:06:00
Coding Exercise 00:02:00
Solution for Coding Exercise 00:03:00
Summary – CSS Expert 00:02:00
CSS Website Project
Introduction – CSS Website Project 00:02:00
CSS Project Getting 00:05:00
CSS Project Overview 00:09:00
Summary – CSS Website Project 00:02:00
JavaScript Getting Started
What is JavaScript 00:09:00
Installing Code Editor (Sublime Text) 00:04:00
Installing Code Editor(Visual Studio Code) 00:07:00
Hello World Program 00:14:00
Getting Output 00:11:00
Summary – JavaScript Getting Started 00:02:00
JavaScript Fundamentals
Introduction – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:03:00
Internal JavaScript 00:14:00
External JavaScript 00:09:00
Inline JavaScript 00:04:00
Async and defer 00:06:00
Variables – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:13:00
Numbers – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:06:00
Boolean – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:04:00
Arrays() – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:13:00
Objects – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:07:00
Summary – JavaScript Fundamentals 00:02:00
Strings – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:06:00
String Formatting – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:06:00
String Methods – Web Development Level 5 with HTML, CSS, Javascript 00:12:00
Summary – Strings 00:02:00
Introduction – Operators 00:02:00
Arithmetic operators 00:08:00
Assignment operators 00:04:00
Comparison operators 00:07:00
Logical operators 00:08:00
Summary – Operators 00:02:00
Conditional Statements
Introduction – Conditional Statements 00:02:00
If statement – Conditional Statements 00:05:00
If-else statement – Conditional Statements 00:06:00
If-else-if statement – Conditional Statements 00:05:00
Switch-case statement 00:10:00
Summary – Conditional Statements 00:02:00
Control Flow Statements
Introduction – Control Flow Statements 00:02:00
While loop – Control Flow Statements 00:09:00
Do-while loop – Control Flow Statements 00:03:00
For loop – Control Flow Statements 00:08:00
Break – Control Flow Statements 00:03:00
Continue – Conditional Statements 00:03:00
Coding Exercise – Control Flow Statements 00:02:00
Solution for Coding Exercise – Control Flow Statements 00:02:00
Introduction – Functions 00:02:00
Creating a Function 00:08:00
Function Call() 00:07:00
Function with parameters 00:06:00
Function Bind() 00:06:00
Summary – Functions 00:02:00
Introduction – Data Visualization(Google Charts) 00:01:00
How to Use Google chart script 00:04:00
Line Graph chart 00:14:00
Scatter plots chart 00:03:00
Bar chart 00:04:00
Pie chart 00:03:00
3D Pie chart 00:02:00
Summary – Data Visualization(Google Chats) 00:01:00
Error Handling
Introduction – Error Handling 00:02:00
Try-catch 00:06:00
Try-catch-finally 00:17:00
Summary – Error Handling 00:02:00
Client-side Validations
Introduction – Client-side Validations 00:02:00
On Submit Validation 00:09:00
Input Numeric Validation 00:13:00
Login Form Validation 00:06:00
Password Strength Check Validation 00:05:00
Summary – Client-side Validations 00:02:00
Publish Your Website for Live
Introduction – Publish Your Website for Live 00:03:00
Installing Free FTP Solution (FileZilla) 00:05:00
Setting Up FTP (File Transfer Protocol) 00:03:00
Publish Website to Hosting Server 00:04:00
Summary – Publish Your Website for Live 00:02:00
Bonus Lecture for Whats Next 00:02:00

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