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Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024

Elevate your SQL skills with our Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024. Master SQL Server administration and development for data-driven decision-making and analysis.


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    Learning Outcome

    Sneak Peek

    Course Overview

    Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of data management with our “Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024.” Whether you’re an aspiring data professional or looking to enhance your SQL skills, this intensive bootcamp is your key to mastering Microsoft SQL Server. From setting up the server to advanced data manipulation techniques, this course covers everything you need to become proficient in SQL Server administration and development. Join us and unlock the full potential of SQL for data-driven decision-making and analysis.

    Kickstart your SQL journey with an introduction to the fundamentals of SQL Server and its essential components. Learn how to set up and configure SQL Server for optimal performance and security. Dive into the world of SQL databases, mastering the art of data organization and management. Explore the powerful capabilities of SQL DML, DDL, and DCL for manipulating, defining, and controlling data.

    As you progress, delve deeper into SQL Statement Basics, mastering techniques for filtering data rows and performing aggregate functions. Unlock the secrets of advanced SQL query statements, including the powerful GROUP BY clause and various JOIN operations. Discover the importance of SQL constraints, views, and stored procedures for maintaining data integrity and enhancing performance.

    Finish strong with advanced topics such as data import/export, backup, and restore operations, ensuring you’re equipped to handle real-world SQL scenarios with confidence. By the end of this bootcamp, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to excel in SQL Server administration and development, setting you on the path to a successful career in data management.

    Course Description 

    This course is an excellent learning opportunity for those who are passionate about the topic and who are interested in a successful career within the relevant industry. Professionals currently working in this field who wish to brush up on their knowledge and advance their careers may also enrol in this program.   

    In the Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024 Course, you will find a number of engaging, in-depth modules that will provide you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge that will enable you to succeed in your career. As proof of your completion, you will receive a free e-certificate from Learndrive.

    Using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices, you can access the course modules at your own pace. Invest in your professional development today and learn skills that will lead to your dream job. Become a career leader by taking this course online.

    What Do You Get With The Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024 Course?

    • Premium Video Materials in bite-sized format for the most accessible learning experience
    • Free e-certificate after completing the course
    • Flexible study time and pace
    • Instructor-led Course

    Course Design

    Students can access the course using any internet-connected device through our online learning platform. You may study at your own pace since there are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules.


    The learners who pass the course will receive a Learndrive Certificate as a badge of accomplishment. The e-certificate is free of charge. There is a small fee, however, if you want a hard copy of your certificate.

    Who Is This Course For?

    The course is right for you if you already work in this industry or want to make the transition. This Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024 Course is designed to enhance your expertise and improve your CV. 


    Students from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the online training. There are no requirements for participation. The only prerequisite for studying this Microsoft SQL Server Bootcamp 2024 Course is an interest in learning and a good grasp of English, mathematics, and computer skills.

    Course Instructor

    Mr. Sudha Sekhar is a distinguished IT Specialist and Co-Founder of Harisystems. His expertise encompasses web development technologies such as Python, C# Asp.Net, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with profound knowledge in database systems including MS-SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. 

    He is proficient in server administration across various operating systems like LINUX and Windows. At Harisystems, he has been instrumental in creating innovative, real-world based online courses targeting developers, engineers, and business professionals. 

    His teaching philosophy focuses on simplifying complex concepts, providing high-quality course materials, and utilizing real-time examples to enhance learning. His dedication lies in guiding students and professionals towards making informed career decisions in the ever-evolving digital world.


    This course is accredited by CPDQE. The demand for professionals to engage in Continuing Professional Development is escalating, irrespective of the industry, career stage, or job function. CPD serves as an impactful mechanism for skill enhancement, maintaining the relevance of academic credentials, and strategically advancing one’s career. 

    This CPDQE Certified Course will ensure that you have obtained the required CPD trainings for your professional development.

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    Course Curriculum

    Introduction 00:04:00
    Course Curriculum 00:07:00
    How to get course requirements 00:02:00
    Getting started on Windows, Linux or Docker 00:01:00
    How to ask great questions 00:01:00
    FAQ’s 00:01:00
    source code file 00:09:00
    SQL Serves setting up
    Section Introduction 00:02:00
    Microsoft SQL Server Installation 00:19:00
    SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Installation 00:09:00
    How to connect MS SQL (Windows Authentication) 00:04:00
    How to connect MS SQL (SQL Server Authentication) 00:03:00
    Download and Restore Sample Database 00:08:00
    SQL Database
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    Overview of Databases 00:11:00
    Creating Database 00:05:00
    SQL Data Types 00:04:00
    Column Data Types on SSMS 00:04:00
    Creating Table 00:09:00
    Overview of Primary Key and Foreign Key 00:04:00
    Primary Key 00:04:00
    Foreign Key 00:07:00
    Creating Temporary tables 00:07:00
    SQL DML (Data Manipulation Language)
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    Insert statement 00:09:00
    Update statement 00:05:00
    Delete statement 00:03:00
    SQL DDL (Data Definition Language)
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    CREATE table statement 00:03:00
    DROP statement 00:02:00
    ALTER statement 00:06:00
    TRUNCATE statement 00:04:00
    COMMENT in query 00:01:00
    RENAME 00:02:00
    SQL DCL (Data Control Language)
    Create Database user 00:04:00
    GRANT permissions 00:06:00
    REVOKE permissions 00:04:00
    SQL Statement Basic
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    SQL Statement basic 00:03:00
    SELECT Statement 00:08:00
    SELECT DISTINCT 00:03:00
    SELECT with column headings 00:03:00
    Column AS statement 00:02:00
    Filtering Data rows
    SELECT WHERE Clause – theory 00:04:00
    SELECT WHERE Clause – practical 00:07:00
    Aggregate functions
    Sum() 00:08:00
    Min()-Max() 00:06:00
    SQL Query ststements
    Order By statement 00:06:00
    SELECT TOP clause in SQL 00:04:00
    BETWEEN command 00:08:00
    IN operator 00:04:00
    Wildcard Characters and LIKE 00:05:00
    SQL Group by statement
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    Group by – theory 00:03:00
    Group by – practical 00:06:00
    HAVING statement 00:04:00
    Overview of Joins 00:02:00
    What are Joins 00:02:00
    Inner join 00:08:00
    Left outer join 00:03:00
    Right outer join 00:02:00
    Full outer join 00:02:00
    Union 00:03:00
    Cross join 00:03:00
    Query Exercise 00:01:00
    Solution for Query Exercise 00:01:00
    SQL Constraints
    Section introduction 00:01:00
    Check constraint 00:07:00
    NOT NULL constraint 00:09:00
    UNIQUE constraint 00:05:00
    Creating Views 00:04:00
    Reporting with multiple tables 00:03:00
    Advanced SQL commands
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    Timestamp 00:05:00
    Extract from timestamp 00:03:00
    Mathematical scalar functions 00:04:00
    String functions 00:05:00
    Sub Query 00:03:00
    SELECT with calculations 00:06:00
    SQL Stored procedures
    Create stored procedure 00:05:00
    Stored procedure with parameter 00:05:00
    Import & Export data
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    Import Flat File 00:05:00
    Import .csv or excel file 00:03:00
    Export Data to Excel or any format 00:06:00
    Backup and Restore
    Section Introduction 00:01:00
    Creating Database backup 00:04:00
    Restoring Database backup 00:04:00

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