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Google Workspace: Features and Applications

Master Google Workspace with our all-encompassing course covering every application. Boost your productivity and creativity in personal and professional spheres.


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Learning Outcome

Sneak Peek

Course Overview

Unlock the full potential of Google Workspace with our comprehensive online course, “Google Workspace: Features and Applications.” This course is a deep dive into the world of Google’s powerful suite of applications, tailored for both personal productivity and professional excellence. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or someone looking to streamline their digital life, this course offers the tools and insights to maximize your efficiency and creativity.

Begin with a detailed introduction to what Google Workspace is, understanding its components and how they integrate to provide a seamless user experience. You’ll then explore each application in detail, starting from Gmail, the cornerstone of Google’s communication tools. Learn to manage emails effectively, organize your inbox, and use advanced features to enhance your communication skills.

But Google Workspace is more than just Gmail. Delve into the functionalities of Google Drive and its desktop version, mastering file management and collaboration. Get hands-on experience with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, becoming adept at creating, editing, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Discover how Google Meet can revolutionize your meetings, and leverage Google Forms for surveys and data collection.

This course also covers lesser-known but equally powerful tools like Google Keep for note-taking, Google Translate for language assistance, and Google Jamboard for collaborative brainstorming. You’ll learn to schedule and manage your time with Google Calendar, organize tasks with Google Tasks, and create engaging learning environments using Google Classroom. Furthermore, explore the world with Google Earth, communicate effectively with Google Chat, build websites with Google Sites, and express your creativity with Google Drawings.

Designed for users of all levels, this course will transform the way you use Google Workspace, making you more proficient, organized, and innovative in your personal and professional life.

Course Description 

This course is an excellent learning opportunity for those who are passionate about the topic and who are interested in a successful career within the relevant industry. Professionals currently working in this field who wish to brush up on their knowledge and advance their careers may also enrol in this program.   

In the Google Workspace: Features and Applications Course, you will find a number of engaging, in-depth modules that will provide you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge that will enable you to succeed in your career. As proof of your completion, you will receive a free e-certificate from Learndrive.

Using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices, you can access the course modules at your own pace. Invest in your professional development today and learn skills that will lead to your dream job. Become a career leader by taking this course online.

What Do You Get With The Google Workspace: Features and Applications Course?

  • Premium Video Materials in bite-sized format for the most accessible learning experience
  • Free e-certificate after completing the course
  • Flexible study time and pace
  • Instructor-led Course

Course Design

Students can access the course using any internet-connected device through our online learning platform. You may study at your own pace since there are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules.


The learners who pass the course will receive a Learndrive Certificate as a badge of accomplishment. The e-certificate is free of charge. There is a small fee, however, if you want a hard copy of your certificate.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is right for you if you already work in this industry or want to make the transition. This Google Workspace: Features and Applications Course is designed to enhance your expertise and improve your CV. 


Students from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the online training. There are no requirements for participation. The only prerequisite for studying this Google Workspace: Features and Applications Course is an interest in learning and a good grasp of English, mathematics, and computer skills.

Course Instructor

Dr. Rasheed, a lecturer, speaker, and YouTuber with a PhD in Civil Engineering from University Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, is recognized as a result-oriented, self-motivated professional possessing exceptional problem-solving and communication skills. A strong passion for knowledge sharing and audience engagement is held by Dr. Rasheed, making them a valuable resource for individuals seeking to acquire techniques, tips, and tricks to enhance productivity in various aspects of life, particularly in technology-related domains. An inspirational presence is offered by Dr. Rasheed for those seeking guidance and motivation.

Dr Rasheed is a multiple award-winning professional with an international merit award from the Republic of Croatia and gold medal awards from the International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) and the Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE). In 2022, he received the triple crown award from toastmasters international—a UTP brand ambassador with a gold lapel pin award.


This course is accredited by CPDQE. The demand for professionals to engage in Continuing Professional Development is escalating, irrespective of the industry, career stage, or job function. CPD serves as an impactful mechanism for skill enhancement, maintaining the relevance of academic credentials, and strategically advancing one’s career. 

This CPDQE Certified Course will ensure that you have obtained the required CPD trainings for your professional development.

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Course Curriculum

Course Lecture
Course Introduction 00:02:00
What is Google Workspace 00:03:00
General Overview 1-5 00:05:00
General Overview 5-10 00:04:00
General Overview 10-15 00:04:00
General Overview 15-20 00:06:00
How to use Gmail 00:19:00
How to use Google Drive 00:11:00
How to use Google Drive for Desktop 00:10:00
How to use Google Docs 00:14:00
How to use Google sheets 00:14:00
How to use Google Slides 00:20:00
How to use Google Meet 00:15:00
How to use Google Forms 00:20:00
How to use Google keep 00:10:00
How to use Google Translate 00:08:00
How to use Google Calendar 00:14:00
How to use Google Jamboard 00:06:00
How to use Google Photos 00:09:00
How to use Google Tasks 00:06:00
How to use Google Classroom 00:16:00
How to use Google Earth 00:12:00
How to use Google Chat 00:10:00
How to use Google Sites 00:16:00
How to use Google Drawings 00:19:00
Conclusion + Project 00:02:00

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