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Functional Skills IT

Master the essentials of IT with our Functional Skills IT course, covering Microsoft Office Suite and Teams. From Excel calculations to PowerPoint presentations, Access database management, and Outlook email organization, this course equips you with the vital digital skills for modern workplace efficiency.


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Learning Outcome

Sneak Peek

Course Overview

The “Functional Skills IT” course is meticulously crafted to transform you into a proficient user of various Microsoft Office applications, crucial for both personal and professional advancement in today’s digital world.

Start with “Excel Interface 2023” and “Basic Functions in Excel” to build a solid foundation in spreadsheet management. “Working with Worksheet” and “Work with Data and Excel Tables” take your Excel skills further, enabling you to perform basic calculations and utilize shortcuts efficiently.

Transition to Microsoft Word with an “Introduction to Microsoft Word,” where you’ll learn to format text and enhance document contents, incorporating basic graphics tools. “Reviewing and Finalizing Documents” prepares you to present documents professionally.

“Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint” leads you into the realm of impactful presentations. Learn to create and design slides, use animations, and incorporate multimedia elements like tables, charts, and SmartArt. “Finalizing Presentations” ensures your presentations are polished and audience-ready.

In “Basics of Database” and subsequent modules, discover how to set up and navigate Microsoft Access, manage database data, and create effective queries.

Moving on to Outlook, “User Interface in Outlook” and “Email Management in Outlook” teach you to streamline your communication, while “Microsoft Outlook Productivity Hack” shows you how to maximize your efficiency.

“Introduction to Microsoft Teams” covers everything from setting up your account to advanced collaboration techniques, file sharing, and using Planner for task management. Advanced meeting features like breakout rooms are also explored.

The course culminates with “Integration and Customization,” focusing on integrating Microsoft Office Suite applications, automating workflows with Power Automate, and customizing team policies and settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained comprehensive knowledge and practical skills across a range of Microsoft Office tools, ready to enhance your efficiency and productivity in any professional environment. Enroll now to start your journey towards IT mastery.

Course Description 

This course is an excellent learning opportunity for those who are passionate about the topic and who are interested in a successful career within the relevant industry. Professionals currently working in this field who wish to brush up on their knowledge and advance their careers may also enrol in this program.   

In the Functional Skills IT Course, you will find a number of engaging, in-depth modules that will provide you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge that will enable you to succeed in your career. As proof of your completion, you will receive a free e-certificate from Learndrive.

Using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices, you can access the course modules at your own pace. Invest in your professional development today and learn skills that will lead to your dream job. Become a career leader by taking this course online.

What Do You Get With The Functional Skills IT Course?

  • Courses Materials in bite-sized format for the most accessible learning experience
  • Exams that test and consolidate your understanding 
  • Free e-certificate after passing the course
  • Flexible study time and pace

Course Design

Students can access the course using any internet-connected device through our online learning platform. You may study at your own pace since there are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules.


The learners who pass the course will receive a Learndrive Certificate as a badge of accomplishment. The e-certificate is free of charge. There is a small fee, however, if you want a hard copy of your certificate.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is right for you if you already work in this industry or want to make the transition. This Functional Skills IT Course is designed to enhance your expertise and improve your CV. 


Students from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the online training. There are no requirements for participation. The only prerequisite for studying this Functional Skills IT Course is an interest in learning and a good grasp of English, mathematics, and computer skills.



Course Instructor

Theolearn Academy focuses on developing online courses covering a variety of topics such as personal development, management, health & care, business, marketing, hospitality, teaching, law, etc. 

Theolearn Academy has years of experience developing well-organised, concise, and theoretically sound online courses. The mission of this organisation is to assist individuals in gaining the theoretical knowledge needed to excel in their careers.


This course is accredited by CPDQE. The demand for professionals to engage in Continuing Professional Development is escalating, irrespective of the industry, career stage, or job function. CPD serves as an impactful mechanism for skill enhancement, maintaining the relevance of academic credentials, and strategically advancing one’s career. 

This CPDQE Certified Course will ensure that you have obtained the required CPD trainings for your professional development.

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Course Curriculum

Course Lecture
What is Microsoft Excel 00:15:00
Basic Terms in Excel 00:15:00
What is an Excel Worksheet 00:15:00
What is a Table in Excel 00:15:00
Excel as Calculator 00:15:00
Why Do We Need Excel Shortcuts 00:15:00
What is Microsoft Word 00:15:00
Working on a Document 00:15:00
Give Your Document a Good Structure 00:15:00
Getting to Know SmartArts 00:15:00
Page Orientation 00:15:00
Checking Spelling and Grammar 00:15:00
What is PowerPoint 00:15:00
Creating and Opening New Presentations 00:15:00
Learning to Make Eye-Catching Slides 00:15:00
Applying Transition Effects between Slides 00:15:00
Inserting Tables in Your Presentation 00:15:00
Inserting Tables in Your Presentation 00:15:00
Starting with Database 00:15:00
Getting Started with Microsoft Access 00:15:00
Understanding Table Relationships 00:15:00
Navigating Within Table Data 00:15:00
Working with Forms 00:15:00
Designing a Simple Query 00:15:00
The New Outlook For Windows 00:15:00
Create Folders on Outlook to Make Things Easy 00:15:00
Learning Productivity Hacks for Better Time Management 00:15:00
What are Microsoft Teams? 00:15:00
Chat Features on Microsoft Teams 00:15:00
Adding Apps in Teams 00:15:00

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