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British Cleaning Course

Embark on a journey to establish a successful cleaning business in the UK with our comprehensive course. Learn start-up costs, business models, legal aspects, and client satisfaction strategies. Ideal for entrepreneurs eager to thrive in the cleaning industry.


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Learning Outcomes

Course Overview

The “British Cleaning” course is your gateway to mastering the essentials of setting up and running a successful cleaning business in the UK. This course provides a step-by-step guide, from conceptualizing your business idea to managing daily operations efficiently.

Starting with “The Start-up Cost for Starting Cleaning Business,” you’ll learn about the financial aspects required to launch your business. “Sole Traders Vs Franchise” then helps you make an informed decision on the business model that suits your goals and resources.

“Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting a Cleaning Business” offer a balanced view, preparing you for the realities of the industry. Moving forward, “Creating Business Plans” and “Raising Capital” modules equip you with tools to strategically plan and fund your business venture.

The course also dives into the specifics of various cleaning services like offices, pubs, and new-build premises, providing a comprehensive understanding of the market. “Common Cleaning Equipment” and “Choosing The Best Vacuum” give you practical insights into the tools of the trade.

Course Description 

This course is an excellent learning opportunity for those who are passionate about the topic and who are interested in a successful career within the relevant industry. Professionals currently working in this field who wish to brush up on their knowledge and advance their careers may also enrol in this program.   

In the British Cleaning Course Course, you will find a number of engaging, in-depth modules that will provide you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge that will enable you to succeed in your career. As proof of your completion, you will receive a free e-certificate from Learndrive.

Using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other internet-enabled devices, you can access the course modules at your own pace. Invest in your professional development today and learn skills that will lead to your dream job. Become a career leader by taking this course online.

What Do You Get With The British Cleaning Course Course?

  • Courses Materials in bite-sized format for the most accessible learning experience
  • Exams that test and consolidate your understanding 
  • Free e-certificate after passing the course
  • Flexible study time and pace

Course Design

Students can access the course using any internet-connected device through our online learning platform. You may study at your own pace since there are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules.


The learners who pass the course will receive a Learndrive Certificate as a badge of accomplishment. The e-certificate is free of charge. There is a small fee, however, if you want a hard copy of your certificate.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is right for you if you already work in this industry or want to make the transition. This British Cleaning Course Course is designed to enhance your expertise and improve your CV. 


Students from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the online training. There are no requirements for participation. The only prerequisite for studying this British Cleaning Course Course is an interest in learning and a good grasp of English, mathematics, and computer skills.



Course Instructor

Theolearn Academy focuses on developing online courses covering a variety of topics such as personal development, management, health & care, business, marketing, hospitality, teaching, law, etc. 

Theolearn Academy has years of experience developing well-organised, concise, and theoretically sound online courses. The mission of this organisation is to assist individuals in gaining the theoretical knowledge needed to excel in their careers.


This course is accredited by CPDQE. The demand for professionals to engage in Continuing Professional Development is escalating, irrespective of the industry, career stage, or job function. CPD serves as an impactful mechanism for skill enhancement, maintaining the relevance of academic credentials, and strategically advancing one’s career. 

This CPDQE Certified Course will ensure that you have obtained the required CPD trainings for your professional development.

Demo Certificate

Course Curriculum

Cleaning Business Promo
Cleaning Business Promo 00:02:00
Module 01: The Start-up Cost for Starting Cleaning Business
The Start-up Cost for Starting Cleaning Business 00:05:00
Sole Traders Vs Franchise 00:02:00
The Advantages of Starting a Cleaning Business 00:02:00
The Disadvantages of Starting a Cleaning Business 00:04:00
Module 02: Cleaning Offices
Cleaning Offices 00:03:00
Cleaning Pubs and Leisure Premises 00:02:00
Cleaning New-Build Homes 00:02:00
Cleaning New-Build Commercial Premises 00:02:00
Window Cleaning 00:02:00
IT and Specialist Cleans 00:03:00
Module 03: Common Cleaning Equipment
Common Cleaning Equipment 00:03:00
Choosing The Best Vacuum 00:04:00
MOP Buckets and Wringers 00:03:00
Right Dusting Tools 00:02:00
Places to Buy Cleaning Supplies 00:03:00
Module 04: Domestic Cleaning
Domestic Cleaning 00:02:00
Cleaning for Homeowners 00:04:00
Cleaning for Letting Agencies 00:03:00
Cleaning for Housing Associations 00:04:00
Module 05: Residential Cleaning Business
Residential Cleaning Business 00:03:00
Creating Business Plan 00:02:00
Naming the Company and Setup Business Entity 00:02:00
Determine to Target Market and Fix a Rate 00:03:00
Obtain Licenses, Permits and Insurance Coverage 00:02:00
Module 06: Commercial Cleaning Business
Commercial Cleaning Business 00:02:00
Develop a Business Plan and a Business Name 00:02:00
Determine to Target Market and Fix a Rate 00:02:00
Obtain Licenses, Permits and Insurance Coverage 00:02:00
Taxes and Legal Issues 00:03:00
Module 07: Marketing and Advertising
Marketing and Advertising 00:03:00
Emailing 00:02:00
Advertising on The Internet 00:01:00
Networking 00:03:00
Pushing Sales 00:03:00
Module 08: Ensuring Clients Satisfaction
Ensuring Clients Satisfaction 00:02:00
Clients Feedback 00:02:00
Anticipating Typical Complaints 00:09:00
Recognise Problems Before They Occur 00:02:00
Keeping Clients Informed 00:04:00
Module 09: Employing Staff
Employing Staff 00:03:00
Finding Staff 00:03:00
Training 00:04:00
Responsibilities of Employer and Staff 00:03:00
Motivating and Rewarding Staff 00:04:00
Module 10: Creating Business Plans
Creating Business Plans 00:04:00
Raising Capital 00:03:00
Choosing a Bank 00:03:00
Bookkeeping 00:02:00
Arranging Insurance 00:02:00

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